Exposing Conversion Therapy in New Zealand

I’ve just had the incredible privilege of working with TVNZ (our national Television network) on a current affairs feature about “gay conversion therapy” (aka reparative therapy or “pray the gay away”).

So many people have expressed shock that it’s so prevalent. It’s not (or ever has been) the exclusive realm of cultish organisations – most of the big ones have closed down as they realised it doesn’t work anyway! However, it’s even more active “underground”, meaning thousands of churches have anything from a pastor who will happily pray with people to “cure” them, through to teams of “prayer warriors”, spiritual counsellors, and support groups that continue the destructive work in even more insidious ways.

It’s time this was exposed and the toll it’s taken on countless lives revealed. There simply is no place for this life threatening practice – and I use the term “life threatening” without hesitation simply because the largest demographic for suicide is amongst LGBT people in religion, and especially those who have experienced this so called therapy.

Sadly, so many of these “counsellors” are genuinely caring and loving, convinced they are helping. I was one of them! But that doesn’t excuse them from the deep level of abuse they are ignorantly inflicting on these people. Although I respect their desire to help people who struggle, I will do all in my power to stop them.

So here are the links to the feature on the Sunday current affairs show and the follow-up the next morning on the TVNZ Breakfast show.
They are Facebook links so they don’t have country restrictions and can be viewed internationally.
I hope to have direct links to the videos soon so we can bypass Facebook and stream direct from here. (They won’t open in a new browser/tab window so you’ll need to click the back button to get back to this page)

FULL CLIP: Controversial gay conversion therapy happening in NZ

This is the story you almost didn’t get to see.On Friday we were threatened with legal action if we didn’t agree to demands to pull this story about gay conversion therapy. But we think it’s important to show you this is happening in New Zealand in 2018.And as you’ll see, the men who’ve been through this controversial therapy say it’s harmful, and psychologists believe it’s unethical. Please let us know your thoughts.

Posted by Sunday TVNZ on Sunday, June 17, 2018

Last night Sunday TVNZ looked into gay conversion therapy, which is offered to "cure" people who find themselves attracted to the same sex.

Sunday TVNZ has looked into gay conversion therapy, which is offered to "cure" people who find themselves attracted to the same sex.It's illegal in some parts of the world, but not in New Zealand. Jack Tame talked to Jim Marjoram, who went through the process and now runs a support group for people too afraid to come out.

Posted by Breakfast on Sunday, June 17, 2018


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