What is LGBT?

Comprehensive booklet on what it means to be LGBT and the effects of religious abuse

The Genderbread Person

Gender and sexual fluidity

Introduction to Gender and Sexuality

male female symbols

Every LGBTQ+ Person Should Read This (Queer history)

Conversion Therapy  (aka Reparative Therapy or "pray away the gay" and "christian counselling")

The Lies and Dangers of Efforts to Change Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity

Gay “Cures” Are Harmful And Don’t Work, Says World’s Largest Body Of Psychiatrists

Inside Ex-gay - The Naked Truth

Exposing Conversion Therapy in New Zealand

pray away the gay

Conversion Therapy (Wikipedia)

Sigmund Freud

Survivors tell their horror stories of ex-gay therapy treatments in Australia

The Science

Transgender kids’ brains resemble their gender identity, not their biological sex

Transgender brains

Scans prove there’s no such thing as a ‘male’ or ‘female’ brain

Homosexuality is not a choice

Sexual Fluidity the Majority, Not the Minority According to Scientists

A “reality check” for the Regnerus study on gay parenting

Born this way? An evolutionary view of ‘gay genes’

Study: Trans kid’s gender implicit; govt report condemns conversion therapy

Biology and sexual orientation (Wikipedia)

Biology and sexual orientation

The science behind a more meaningful understanding of sexual orientation

Fact or fiction: A mother and father is better than same-sex parents

The Damage

Why I Answered My Dad’s Gay Sex Ad

How Conversion Therapy Affects Your Mental Health

When Parents Don’t Accept Their Child - Conditional Love is Deadly

The Forsaken: A Rising Number of Homeless Gay Teens Are Being Cast Out by Religious Families

Gay men are battling a demon more powerful than HIV – and it’s hidden

This Is What It’s Like To Have Exorcisms Performed On You Because You Are Gay


Religious Trauma Syndrome

Psychological Harms of Bible-Believing Christianity

Hope and Life

10 Ways to Make It Easier for Your Child to Come Out

If You’re Asking, ‘Am I Gay? Lesbian? Bi? Trans? Queer?’ Here’s a Start

Two Gay Men, Two Trans Nannies, Five Children — One Happy Family