Coming Out of Religion Book


The true nature of our sexuality and gender – the impact of religion and conversion therapy – and hope for life and love.
A handbook for LGBT+ people, their family and friends.

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The goal of this book is to help you discover and understand the complex issues of sexuality and gender, the nature and workings of our personal and unique paradigms, and how that affects our understanding of religion and spirituality – to ask questions, to dig deep, to step out of the status quo, to not be afraid of where the questions take you, and to be confident that in the end, love is the only constant – the only thing that matters.

In religious circles, the most common view on anything outside the heterosexual world is viewed as sin, because the bible says so, and that’s the end of the story. Sadly, most religions claim to be the “only true religion”, so to question either their beliefs on LGBT+ issues, or even their core doctrines that shape those beliefs, is often considered heresy.

My aim is to present the big picture with as much relevant detail as possible – to expose the flaws in the fundamental approach to understanding the issues – and to challenge the religious mind-set that only sees black and white.


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