Can I be cured of my same sex attraction?

No. But I will qualify that. In some cases (mostly with women) there have been complex issues related to abuse and trauma inflicted by men that have led to fear of the opposite sex. This can then sometimes lead to their emotional and intamacy needs being met in a partner of the same sex. This particular type of emotional/physical abuse can sometimes be “healed” and attraction to men restored to some degree, but it’s the exception, not the rule. Most LGBT people will never experience a change of core sexual/gender identity. The same, however, is not true for men.

But what about the ex-gay movement and their claims of healing?

Most of these people are very sincere and have only wanted to be free of something they have been told is sinful. Many learn to live a heterosexual lifestyle through repressing their core natural sexuality/gender identity using intense self discipline and distraction with “hyper” spirituality – often involving obsession with ritual, self denial and religious activity. There are also those who were never strictly “gay” in the first place and are more fluid or “bisexual”, who can “choose” to repress one side in preference to the other.

But God says in the bible that homosexuality is a sin!

No he doesn’t. The bible talks about perversion, male temple prostitutes and paedophiles, but does not even mention loving same sex relationships (except for possibly David and Jonathan in the OT). The English translations since the KJV have incorrectly used many different ambiguous terms and it wasn’t until 1958 that the Amplified Version actually used the word homosexual, based on incorrect exegesis. This subject is covered in far more detail via the links in the resources section.

Is there a difference between sexual orientation and gender identity?

Absolutely! They are completely different things. There are many expressions of our sexuality and gender. For example, some guys are attracted to to women but also feel like they are very feminine themselves. Others may be attracted to the same sex but feel very masculine. The combinations are endless because how we feel about our sexuality and gender is unique to all of us. This variable spectrum explains everything from butch gay guys to cross dressers to transgender and everything in between.