“Nice” Christians

It’s always bugged me. Even when I was a pentecostal bible basher.

“Nice” Christians. 

You know the type…
Always smiling, always have an encouraging “word” for you, and ignoring everything “bad” in the world and only trying to think “good” thoughts.
Plastic, is one word that comes to mind, or shallow. They are out there in their millions.

Most live happy lives and I guess that’s OK. But it’s not OK when you interact with them on anything other than how lovely the pastors wife looks, or discussing how your latest sponsor child in Africa is going.

I had a run-in online with an old acquaintance from my pente church in the 80s. She was commenting on the upcoming vote in Australia on gay marriage and was posting articles as to why we should vote no. I was quick to jump on them and point out the many flaws in the facts and research they stated. They were highly inaccurate and offensive for those who actually know what they are talking about.

The comments were all “oh, dear, how terrible, yes we must vote no!”. But I had the guts to point out the flaws. It didn’t go down well. But here’s the rub. You see, she’s a “nice” christian, so wouldn’t dream of confronting me with her real feelings, so proceeded with patronising comments that had that “I’m being firm but loving” attitude, and it was wrong of me to confront her and make assumptions about her views etc, and then finished off with “God bless”, and the unfriended me.

I’m inclined to think these types are far worse than the Westbro psychopaths. At least with Westbro you know exactly where you stand – there’s no fake mask, no pretence, what you see is what you get. (Yes, I’m generalising)

But the “nice” ones are insidious. They hide in their little isolated worlds and even when they “go out into the world”, it’s to do good deeds and help those poor 3rd world people and the “underpriveliged” (a very apt word). Of course, they may bring practical help but it’s always with an agenda of getting them saved and making them into “nice” acceptable western Christians, just like them.

In daily life, they avoid conflict, and if it arises, they default to bible verses, spoken in love of course. If that doesn’t work they may gently rebuke you with a smile and claim they still love you, but not your actions. They think that being “nice” is all they have to do to be “Christlike”.

The truth is, they are just like the Pharisees. Pretending they are wise and caring. Pretending they know best and we should just all be nice like them and get along. We must follow their doctrines and only allow questions that are within the constraints of their bible study guidelines. They are gutless, controlling, patronising, arrogant and everything Jesus stood against.

If you try to interact with these folks, you’ll come away feeling like you are the one with the problem. They may trigger all your issues of religious abuse, and then quietly, and oh so politely, point out that you are the one who has reacted badly. They may suggest a good Christian counsellor, or if you really get up their noses, they may snub you and remove you from their circle of niceness.

These are the ones I really struggle with, and I now realise it’s ok to call them out on it. It’s ok to challenge them. We don’t have to be “nice”. We have to be loving and compassionate but also real, honest, exposing bigotry and injustice – just like Jesus did!

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The one location that beats the sh1t out of these plastic-people theologically is the g0ys.org website that exhaustively examines the Scriptures and shows just how shallow these self-inflicted-retards are in light of the big-picture. http://g0ys.org/newthang.htm

Hi Gimmel, thanks for your response.
I did reply to your other comment on the Suicide blog.
I love that you guys are addressing a very serious issue, and thank you for being brave enough to speak out.
WHere I think you fail to the point of being very unhelpful is in the area of creating even more division instead of teaching “straight” gays to appreciate and honour EVERY person no matter how they express their gender and sexuality.
Your work creates an instant stigma on effeminate gays and actually supports the macho stereotype. Your stance against anal sex is all very well (yes, heaps of guys don’t like it), but many actually enjoy it because directly stimulates the prostate gland which can greatly enhance their enjoyment.
I think what disturbs me most id your general attitude of mocking the effeminate gays rather than accepting them unreservedly and simply acknowledging that you are somewhere else on the scale. Basically, you are bi-sexual. That’s it. You aren’t anything special and you don’t need a different label, you are just humans enjoying who you are on the endless spectrum of sexuality and gender.

I hope that all makes sense, and I’m not meaning to offend you. As I said I genuinely appreciate that you have been brave enough to approach this issue! It’s just the way you have done it needs some work, and some gentle but firm attitude so we can all benefit from your passion. <3

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