Welcome to Silent Gays

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A brand new site is being built with a new focus on support.


  • You don’t know what you believe any more…
  • You want to live with integrity and personal honesty…
  • You’ve been abused by the church and Christianity in more ways than you care to recall, simply because you are LGBT, and your mental health is suffering as a direct result…

Silent Gays’ services can guide you through the process of “deconstructing” and finding who you really are in all the mess, using:

  • 1 on 1 Skype sessions
  • email support
  • private groups/forums
  • comprehensive range of resources

Our foundation is unconditional love and acceptance through peer support, and a private/secure place to freely share amongst those who care and understand.

For rates and inquiries –
email: info@silentgays.com